GET reporting/sites/avaliableNodes

Retrieves a list of all Nodes not attached to a Site

Request Information

URI Parameters


Body Parameters


Response Information

Resource Description

NameDescriptionTypeAdditional information
CustomerID System.Int32 None
CompanyID System.Int32 None
MachineID System.Guid None
SystemName System.String None
Description System.String None
Notes System.String None
SiteID System.Guid None
OS System.String None
ProcName System.String None
LogicalProcs System.Int32 None
MaxVisibleMemory System.Decimal None
LastBootTime System.String None
LastUpdated System.DateTime None
DestroyedDate System.DateTime None
AlertActive System.Boolean None
AlertEnableTime System.DateTimeOffset None
IsOnline System.Boolean None
EpicVm System.Boolean None