POST virtualmachines

Creates a new Virtual Machine

Request Information

URI Parameters


Body Parameters

NameDescriptionTypeAdditional information
ServerName The name of the server System.String None
UserName The username System.String None
Password The password System.String None
TemplateSpecificationID Determines which template image was used by associating it with an ID System.Int32 None
TemplateImageID The assigned ID associated with the specific Template Image System.Int32 None
Replication Determines whether or not the virtual machine is replicated System.Boolean None
WarehouseID The ID associated with the selected warehouse System.Int32 None
IsPublic Determines if the machine is publicly accessible System.Boolean None
TemplateBandwidthID If public, what bandwidth ID will you use System.Int32 None
AdditionalPrivateNic Only considered if this is a public VM System.Boolean None
PrivateNicSettings Settings for the private NIC that is being created, if any Epic.Data.Models.PrivateNicSettings None
AdditionalSetupFiles Additional files that you need placed on the vhdx Epic.Data.Models.SetupFile[] None
OverrideHostID Only considered if this is a public VM System.Guid None
CpuCores Only used if TemplateSpecificationID is null, the amount of cpu cores for the VM System.Int32 None
MemoryGB Only used if TemplateSpecificationID is null, amount of memory in GB for the VM System.Int32 None
PrimaryDiskGB Only used if TemplateSpecificationID is null, maximum disk space for the primary drive on the VM System.Int32 None
BandwidthMbpsCap Only used if TemplateSpecificationID is null and it is a public VM, the bandwidth cap for the public VM System.Int32 None
BundleID If this VM is going to be spun up as a part of a resource bundle System.Guid None
Description The description (optional) System.String None

Response Information

Resource Description

NameDescriptionTypeAdditional information
VirtualMachineID System.Guid None
Name System.String None
Status System.String None
IsPublic System.Boolean None
CpuCores System.Int32 None
MemoryGB System.Decimal None
PrimaryDiskGB System.Decimal None
ModifiedBy System.String None
Username System.String None
PublicIpAddress System.String None
DestroyedDate The date the Virtual Machine was deleted System.DateTime None
LocationID System.Int32 None
Location System.String None
ActionId System.Guid None
Description System.String None